• These works of art have come into existence through an artist by name baala.r.
  • The entire process of the artworks which started in the year 1986 got focused on contemporary modes of painting and printmaking since 1990.
  • The basic nature of the works is to express an altogether modified concept in the prevailing contemporary art field and in a way functioning as an opposing component that would get reflected in the most material way.
  • The key substance in the works, though containing different ways and means of skillful application of technological expertise, the quality of materials so handled as to enhance the projection of concept, when the underlying concept would become predominant.
  • In other words, the material nature of the constituents has been treated to get submerged into the concept.
  • Such a process is experimental and innovative so as to make a humble attempt to revamp the way of expressing any abstract concept.
  • It is also an attempt to bring out certain fundamental and true scientific concepts with an understanding that when the fundamental scientific concepts are deeply explored, the technological and skillful parts of the same are only by products.
  • As a whole the display would be in such a way that, the vagaries of material forms enhance them in skill and the multidimensional skills enhance themselves in the fundamental concepts.
  • That is to indicate that when the innumerable technologies being the by products of fundamental scientific theories in the course of scientific advancements; in the same way, fundamental scientific theories are also the by products of most fundamental concepts in search of truth.
  • It is also an attempt to establish the reality that art forms a bridge between spirituality and science;which means a material manifestation of an interface between the realization of ‘truth’ and the guidance to objective practices.
  • It could be understood from all the following artworks, descriptions and stimulations that the ‘purpose’ of the artworks is to eliminate the gap between the ‘human society’ and ‘nature’; and for this, the whole of human society becomes the ‘positioning’ of the artist.
  • The artist will get at most pleasure and contentment if the works are valued for their true conceptual orientations, without giving pseudo significance of any other external values.
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